Welcome to the Interprofessional Clinical and Professional Skills Center (iCaPS). Our primary mission is to serve the diverse learners of health sciences and the broader Arizona community and upcoming generations of providers and leaders in health care. We strive for inter-professional collaboration and excellence in education.

Our expansive facility opened in July 2019 and allows students in Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Veterinary Medicine to learn and develop their clinical skills. The University of Arizona was the third school in the United States to establish a Standardized Patient (SP) program as a resource for medical sciences curricula. Our team of Standardized Patients has expanded beyond the College of Medicine to assist any department within UAHS to strengthen clinical and professional skills. 

As specified in the UA Reentry plan, we are transitioning back to in-person activities for the Fall 2021 semester. Masks and other PPE may be required depending on the nature of your activity. Please contact Kim Westenskow (kryan@arizona.edu) if you have any questions about in-person activities.